Trips between Mozambique and the U.S. foster cultural exchange and understanding between Mozambique Initiative partners.

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Experience the Power of Strengthening Community

The travel process can be a bit grueling and requires a lot of preparation — but the experience is always rewarding when you build community across the globe.  

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Covenant Partnerships

Through MI churches, individuals and groups can partner with congregations in Mozambique.

This provides a unique connection to people both in the US and Mozambique and, as relationships develop, proves life-giving. These relationships often involve communication, prayer for each other, solidarity in times of need, and more.

The Process

  • If a church, individual or group would like a covenant partner in Mozambique or the US all they need to do is contact their MI representative.

Information on both of the partners is then shared with each and the covenant for life together begins! The covenant emphasizes personal relationships and a pattern of mutual support of United Methodist churches and missions in both places.

  • As a sign of this partnership, annually, each partner will celebrate a mutual day of partnership both in Mozambique and Missouri.

Churches in the US often use this as a time to renew their commitment and invest in the ministry of the United Methodist Church in Mozambique with an annual gift of $1,000. Some groups give more, some groups donate less, but any amount is beneficial!

  • Funds received are processed by the Missouri Annual Conference and sent quarterly to the General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM).

As a service to the Missouri and Mozambican Annual Conferences, GBGM then wires the money to the finance department of the United Methodist Church in Mozambique and the MI representative and coordinator process funds out of that account. Your Church World Service Funds pay for the costs involved in processing through GBGM. When your funds arrive in Mozambique, they are put into an account for ministry, and are accessed equally by all churches in Mozambique. Funds are funds are disbursed in a collaboration between the bishop, the District Superintendent, the coordinator, the representative, and the MITeam Members, the funds do not go to the church directly but are accessed by application distributed based on articulated need.