Mozambique Initiative

While all of the Mozambique Initiative projects are defined by the needs of each community, most projects fall into one of three main categories.

The impact of these community-centered projects often reaches far beyond the initial defined need. Delivery of clean water to Mozambican homes can reduce sickness in a community. Access to adequate medical care means that kids miss less school. When you support one of these goals, you truly transform a community.

Community Development
The Mozambique Initiative works in local communities to build schools, provide scholarships, support those in need and catalyze income generating projects.
  • Improving Schools
  • Scholarship Programs
  • Library Projects
  • Revenue-Producing Projects
  • Social Services at Hanhane Women's Shelter, CB Orphanage
  • Disaster Relief
  • Social Justice...
Health & Wellness
The Mozambique initiative supports hospitals, clinics, and wellness programs to provide immunizations, obstetric care, viral treatment and more.
  • Chicuque Hospital
  • Mobile Clinics
  • Center of Hope Rural Health Deployment
  • Safe Water
  • Shared Meals
  • Public Health Initiatives
  • Shared Meals
Church Empowerment
The Mozambique Initiative supports spiritual and leadership growth across Mozambique.
  • Salary Grants for Pastors
  • Leadership Development
  • Pastor Training
  • Congregational Resources (Bibles, hymnals, etc)
  • Parsonage and Chapel Buildings
  • New Church Starts
  • Spiritual Renewal through Cultural Exchange

Projects Based on Community Priorities

Each project idea and plan originates from partners in Mozambique. When communities are empowered to identify their most pressing priorities, donations and resources can get to work to transform.

Your Donation Matters

When you give to the Mozambique Initiative, you join a group of organizations and individuals who actively empower Mozambican communities to make big changes.